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Lavender shampoobar from PIPPA
PIPPA Lavender shampoobar for horses
Lavender shampoobar from PIPPA
PIPPA Lavender shampoobar for horses
Lavender shampoobar from PIPPA

PIPPA Lavender shampoo bar

The Lavender shampoo bar from PIPPA is a natural and handmade shampoo for horses. Based on olive, coconut and almond oil and enriched with organic lavender oil. This way you can give your horse a wonderfully relaxing wash thanks to the soothing scent of lavender.

  • Natural and handmade Shampoo bar
  • With organic lavendeloil
  • Soap made from olive-, coconut-, and almondoil
  • Nourishing shampoo with a relaxing scent
  • Includes a handy washing bag

PIPPA Lavender shampoo bar is a natural and handmade shampoo bar for horses. The shampoo bar is based on olive-, almond-, and coconut oil and is finished with organic lavender oil.

Lavender shampoo bar for horses

The Lavander shampoo bar is a natural and delicious-smelling shampoo for horses. The coat of the horse is caressed by the coconut-, and almond oil and the coat gets a nice glow after washing. The shampoo bar is enriched with lavender oil and has therefore a delicious scent. The scent of lavender works soothing as well. The lavender shampoo bar is also very suitable for a relaxing wash.

How do I use the PIPPA soapbar?

When buying the PIPPA Shampoo bar at HorseFlex you will always receive a washing bag. The washing bag makes it easier to wash your horse. First of all, wet your horse well with lukewarm water. Then put the shampoo bar in the laundry bag and wet it as well. By making circular movements with the shampoo bar on your horse’s body, foam is created automatically, so that you can soak your horse. Then rinse your horse and dry the body thoroughly with a sweat scraper and/or towel. Then remove the shampoo bar from the washing bag and let the laundry bag and the soap block dry separately.

The PIPPA Lavender shampoo bar lasts about 10 to 15 washes (when washing the entire body of the horse) and is suitable for dogs, and horses.


  • Helps your horse to relax
  • Contributes to a healthy and shiny coat
  • For a soothing wash


Saponified olive oil, saponified BIO coconut oil, saponified almond oil, BIO lavender oil.


  • Wet your horse or a part of the body
  • Put the shampoo bar in the washing bag and wet it as well
  • Rub the area that has to be washed and the foam comes naturally
  • Rinse well with water afterwards

Important after use! Remove the soap from the sachet and rinse the sachet. Let both dry separately. (the soap stays wet longer in the bag, so the soap will last less long). A bar weighs approximately 180 grams and lasts approximately 10-15 washes when you wash your horse completely. If you only occasionally wash a stain on the buttock, a pair of legs or a tail, the bar will of course last much longer!

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