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When your horse doesn’t like the supplement: feeding tips and tricks

We get regularly questions from horse owners that own difficult eaters at the stables. What if my horse doesn’t like the herb or supplement and won’t eat it? Even though most of our supplements are eaten well, every horse is different and also dislikes other kinds of food. All supplements from HorseFlex are 100% natural and don’t contain any food, color, and taste additives. This means that these don’t have a influence on the flavor, and we can’t thus guarantee that your horse likes a specific herb or supplement. However, we can give you some tips that you can try to let your horse eat some types of supplements or herbs that they don’t like. Please continue to read!

Increase the resistance of your horse to prevent a winter dip

The resistance of your horse gets to endure a lot. Especially during the corlder months like winter and autumn. Wind, rain, and frost are factors that have a big impact on the resistance of your horse. Is your horse often in the stables? Stables often contain more irritating substances such as ammonia, dust, and your horse doesn’t have the ability to move freely. This also effects the resistance. Luckily you can support your horse in these months. Read quickly how to boost your horse’s resistance!

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