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How to support your pregnant, or mare in heat

Every horse has its own needs, that differ due to different factors such as age, breed, living conditions, and exercise. But also the sex of a horse has its influence. For example, mares have to deal with the oestrus cycle, but mares could also be pregnant with a foal or could nurse.
During all these stages of life of a mare, they also need different nutritional needs. A mare can get quite a few nutritional needs themselves. However, some needs aren’t met due to their living conditions. Supplements for mares could be a solution. In this blog, we tell everything about the different stages of life of mares and what nutritional needs have to be met.

Training horses with a positive focus with Jesse Drent.

Jesse Drent is an influencer, and horse trainer and is known for his natural approach to how he trains horses. Together with his four horses Andorra, Macho, Antares, and Gaio he forms a unique team in which trust, freedom, positivity, and cooperation is a key part to be a unique team. Jesse and his horses give freedom dressage demonstrations, and other shows, but also perform impressive dressage exercises without harness.
In his training, Jesse focused most on dressage with freedom of movement. The way Jesse cooperates with his horses is an inspiration for horse lovers in every branch of sport. In this blog Jesse tells everything about how a positive approach is the best approach to working with horses, and achieving growth. Jesse also tells about the role of nutrition and how supplements help his old mare Andorra.

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