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Only natural ingredients

How it all started
“In 2008 started Jethro, my parents’ Icelander, started to move with increasing difficulty. At first, he limped, then he barely got u. He was 28 years old back then. We thought: He is old, it’s done. But I was determined to get Jethro back on his feet. It hurts to see he was in pain. My father, he was working as a veterinarian at the time, gave Jethro painkillers as he couldn’t do more. As a pharmaceutical, I do not prefer to use medication unless it is necessary. I prefer to look at the role of nutrition and supplements.
Jethro motivated me to develop a new product with my father that would get Jethro back on his feet in a natural way. This is how the first product was created: Glucosamine-MSM. It wouldn’t take long before Jethro ran through the meadow again! When I saw how it helped Jethro, I wanted to help other horses as well. On the online forum Bokt, I shared my story and soon I had my first customers. They were all excited about the product and this was the beginning of HorseFlex.” [ Jon Segers, founder of HorseFlex ]


Natural products
All products are developed and composed with care. We only use high-quality and natural vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other health-promoting ingredients. Without added sugars, chemicals, color, fragrance-, and flavouring additives.

Fair and simple
It is getting increasingly difficult to recognize if a product is good or when it is a false promise. We keep it as fair and simple as possible. You will find for example no hidden or difficult to pronounce ingredients that do not contribute anything to the overall product such as fillers or sugars, chemicals, color, fragrance-, and flavoring additives.

Unique assortment
We currently have a very unique range with specially developed and produced supplements for horses and dogs. We have the perfect product for every discipline, stage of life, or specific need for your animal.
The best service
The best service is very important and is drive by our vision: supplying fair and high-quality food supplements, giving advice, fast delivery, and offering the best service. We do what we promise and want only customers, horses, and dogs who are 100% satisfied

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