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PIPPA horse shampoo
PIPPA Poppy Seed & Lime shampoobar
PIPPA horse shampoo
PIPPA Poppy Seed & Lime shampoobar
PIPPA horse shampoo

PIPPA Poppy Seed & Lime shampoo bar

The shampoo bars from PIPPA are 100% natural, vegan, and handmade. The Poppy Seed and Lime soap bar neutralize yellow spots on white and light-colored coats. It has the refreshing scent of limes and has an exfoliating effect thanks to the poppy seeds.

  • Natural and handmade Shampoobars
  • Exfoliating effect of poppy seeds
  • With the refreshing smell of lime
  • Natural silver shampoo for white and light colored horses
  • Includes a handy washing bag

PIPPA Poppy Seed and lime shampoo bars are a natural, and handmade soapbars for horses. This shampoo bar contains poppy seeds and lime oil and works as a refreshing silver shampoo for horses and dogs.

PIPPA Poppy Seed & Lime shampoo bar for horses

Poppy Seeds and Lime shampoo bar is a natural shampoo for horses made with olive-, almond-, coconut-, and lime oil. The natural ingredients in the bars make it a natural silver shampoo. The shampoo bar is very suitable for horses with a white or light-colored coat. The shampoo is very suitable for the removal of yellow spots as the poppy seeds work exfoliating and make your horse extra clean.

Washing your horse with a PIPPA shampoo bar

A shampoo bar is the perfect and easiest way to wash your horse. With the delivered washing bag it is even easier to wash your horse and to soap your horse. First wet your horse and the shampoo bar thoroughly, and then make circular movements with the shampoo bar on the coat to massage the shampoo in well. As a final step, rinse your horse and use a sweat scraper and towel to remove all water from the coat. The PIPPA Poppy Seed and Lime shampoo bar lasts about 10 to 15 washes. Did you only wash the legs or tail, and not the entire horse’s body? Then the shampoo bar will last a lot longer.


  • Natural silver shampoo
  • Lovely soft scrub through the poppy seeds
  • Very suitable for the light colored horse coat
  • For removing yellow stains in the coat


Saponified olive oil, saponified BIO coconut oil, saponified almond oil, poppy seed, wheatgrass and BIO lime oil.


  • Wet your horse or a part of the body
  • Put the shampoo bar in the washing bag and wet it as well
  • Rub the area that has to be washed and the foam comes naturally
  • Rinse well with water afterwards

Important after use! Remove the soap from the sachet and rinse the sachet. Let both dry separately. (the soap stays wet longer in the bag, so the soap will last less long). A bar weighs approximately 180 grams and lasts approximately 10-15 washes when you wash your horse completely. If you only occasionally wash a stain on the buttock, a pair of legs or a tail, the bar will of course last much longer!

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