High quality products

High quality products


Do you have a question? We would love to answer them. If you can't find your question, please mail us at info@horseflex.nl


Why should I choose for your HorseFlex products?

It’s getting harder and harder to understand what is good for your horse of dog in the world of animal supplements. Often, it could be a false promise

As HorseFlex we would like to make a difference while keeping it fair and simple. You won’t find hard to hidden or hard to pronounce ingredients that do aren’t beneficial for the supplement. This means that we don’t use bulking agents, added sugars, chemicals, food-, colour-, and flavouring additives.

In our webshop you will find affordable supplements with pure and active ingredients, while having the best quality at the same time. We do what we promise and nothing less!

What do you mean with 100% natural?

This means that all our products are made with 100% natural ingredients. No hidden or hard to pronounce ingredients, added sugars, chemicals, synthetic coloring, flavor, or aromatic additives. Just the things that are right for your dog or horse.

Do you have refill packaging?

Of course! It is possible to order all our products as refill package. You will receive your product in a resealable bag, so you can reuse the pot or bucket. We can also send it in small box so you have even less garbage.

All refill packages are made of LDPE foil, which is recyclable. The empty refill package can be thrown in the plastic garbage.

Do you have taste guarantee?

We do not give a taste guarantee on all our products. Everything is made with natural products with no flavoring -, or fragrance agents. This means that these do not have any influence on the overall flavor of our products. Almost all our products are liked by dogs and horses and if you can’t convince your horse or dog you can contact us. We would love to help you!

My dog or horse doesn’t want to eat it. What now?

Most dogs and horses have to get used to the new flavor/ fragrance of their food. This means that this doesn’t necessarily mean that they do not like it.
If your dog or horse is picky, and you start giving them a supplement, please start with a lower dose. If you build up the dose slowly you can let your dog or horse get used to the new flavor and fragrance. The powder for horses can also be mixed with oil thru the muesli or other food. With dogs, you can mix it with moist food.
If you can’t convince your dog or horse to eat it, please contact us we would love to give you some tips. If you still don’t succeed, you can then return the product and after it, we can refund you.

Do your products contain sugar?

Of course not! All our products are free of added sugars in any way!

Are your products free of doping?

Almost all our products are doping free!

Devil’s claw is on the doping list. We don’t recommend giving it to competition horses or pregnant mares. The best alternative is HorseFlex Boswellia.

I give already some products to horses, can I give my dogs supplements as well?

Yes! If you already use a product for your horse and you would like to give them to your dog as well, please contact us for the correct dose.

Contain your products scoops?

Yes, you will receive scoops with all our products. You can find the scoop in the package or in the box.

Delivery and shipment

What is the delivery time?

If you order and pay during office days before 15.00, your order will be send the same day by PostNL.

When your order is ready for shipment, you will receive a track& trace code by e-mail. This way you are always up to date of the whereabouts of your product. Do you have a question about the shipment? Please send an e-mail to info@horseflex.nl

How can I order HorseFlex products?

You can order the desired product in our product by adding it to your shopping cart. Afterward, you can finish the order by paying.

Can an order be paid as guest or with an account?

You can also order via info@horseflex.nl Afterwards you will receive an invoice by e-mail. After the payment we will send your products.

Do I need an account to order?

No, you can also pay as a guest.

You can choose to keep your data for a later order.

How can I make an account?

During the roundup of your order, you can keep your data for the next order. By placing the order you will receive an e-mail for account confirmation and to make a password.

What are the shipping costs?

We send for free to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Luxembourg for orders above 30 euro. 

And for the rest of Europe?

Please order at www.horseflex.eu 

Shipping costs are 7,95. When you order more than 50 Euros or more the shipping costs are for free.

Can I exchange or return my order?

It is possible to return or exchange your products within 14 days after receiving your order. Please take a look at our return conditions.


How can pay?

You can pay in our webshop with: Ideal, AfterPay, Creditcard, Bancontact, Paypal, KBC/ BCB, Sofort and you can transfer the payment to us.

Can I pay afterward?

Yes, you can choose to pay with AfterPay during the roundup of your order. This option is only available in the Netherlands.

How does paying with AfterPay work?

When you choose to pay via AfterPay, you only pay once your order has been delivered. You will then receive a payment overview by e-mail from AfterPay. You can pay this directly via the payment button in the e-mail or within 14 days. That is carefree online shopping without a mandatory account.

I have a question about paying with Afterpay

When you have a question about paying with Afterpay please contact the customer service of AfterPay. We can’t see your payment due to privacy laws.

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