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Oregano voor paarden
oregano sfeerfoto
Oregano voor paarden
Oregano voor paarden
oregano sfeerfoto
Oregano voor paarden
Oregano voor paarden
oregano sfeerfoto


Oregano is a multi-purpose herb that you can use to give your horse extra support in different areas naturally. Among other things, oregano contributes to healthy digestion, good appetite and also has decongestant properties on the respiratory tract. Thus, oregano contributes positively to your horse’s overall vitality.

  • 100% pure oregano
  • For digestive and respiratory support
  • Contributes to overall good health
  • Free of added sugars, colors, flavors and fragrances

HorseFlex Oregano is a feed for horses to support digestion and respiratory health. In addition, oregano contributes positively to the overall vitality of your horse.

Oregano as a supplement for horses

Oregano, also called Origanum vulgare or Wild Marjoram, is a herb that belongs to the mint family. We mainly know this strongly scented herb from Italian or Greek cuisine, but did you know that oregano also has very healthy properties? Just like other plants from the mint family, such as thyme and rosemary, oregano contains the active substances carvacrol and thymol. These ingredients have strong antiseptic properties and thus support your horse’s respiratory tract. In addition, oregano is best known for contributing to healthy digestion. The herb has a strengthening effect on the stomach, promotes digestion and can also stimulate the appetite.

When can I give oregano to a horse?

HorseFlex Oregano is a multi-purpose herb that can naturally support your horse in various areas. Could your horse use some extra digestive support? Oregano naturally has a positive, stimulating effect on digestion. The fragrant herb naturally has an appetite-stimulating effect and can protect the stomach when it is sensitive. In addition, oregano is also a suitable herb to provide additional support to your horse’s respiratory tract. Carvacrol and thymol, the active ingredients in oregano, have natural expectorant and airway decongestant properties, which means that the herb contributes to good lung function in your horse.

Herbs for horses

Herbs are naturally a fixed part of a horse’s ration. With herbs you can support your horse in a completely natural way. Therefore, take a look at our range of herbs, which all contribute in their own way to a healthy horse.


  • To support digestion
  • Contributes to appetite
  • Good for the airways


100% dried oregano


HorseFlex Oregano can easily be given along with the feed. It may be mixed with the slobber.

Horse or pony up to 350kg: 20 grams per day.
Horse over 350kg: 30 grams per day.

1 measuring spoon contains approximately 5 grams.

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