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Review from Pauline Warners

Posted in : on 13-11-2019

Pauline Warners-Heinen, erkend dierenfysiotherapeut en paardenchiropractor.

Pauline Warners-Heinen | animal physiotherapist and equine chiropractor

When my own horse got older and stiffer, I started looking for a good nutritional supplement to help him with this. I tried several products, but either my horse refused to eat it (even though I hid it in a tasty snack) or I didn’t notice any difference whether I gave it or not. Horseflex Glucosamine-MSM was actually my last attempt, so I was quite surprised when Karel just ate it and it clearly started to feel less stiff. I am an animal physiotherapist and equine chiropractor by profession and now regularly recommend it to the owners of my patients. I also hear positive stories about HorseFlex from them, and what is also nice is that it is not that expensive compared to many other comparable products. A small pot will last me a month for my large horse. I’ve also tested products that cost two to three times as much and didn’t notice any effect. So the most expensive is not always the best… For my horse, so from now on HorseFlex!


Pauline Warners-Heinen, licensed animal physiotherapist and equine chiropractor.

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