Only natural ingredients

Only natural ingredients

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Review about HorseFlex from the Boeve Hoeve

Posted in : on 13-11-2019

Alise Roubos | owner de Boeve Hoeve


It exists! Pure and Affordable Supplements and Herbs for horses! We are very satisfied with the results of all HorseFlex products.

Not only in rehabilitation are all these products indispensable, but also in the daily ration of this time. Due to climate change and all kinds of (agricultural) laws, it is always a matter of hoping and waiting whether the horses can get all their vitamins and minerals from their food and/or by grazing. In addition, as an owner you are often dependent on the feeding rounds.

These noble animals are here at the mercy of man and often do not have the choice to search for herbs, trees, plants and the like to meet their needs. For example, to cleanse the body, to feel or feel less stiff, to inhibit inflammation, to reduce pain or perhaps to take good care of their stomach and intestinal flora.

These are all examples that are actually a topic in every stable. And who knows what horses may discuss with each other and among each other ;-))

HorseFlex products are so pure that a difference in the ‘challenge’ is noticed almost quickly. In addition, many products can be combined with each other that make an even more positive (reinforcing) contribution to the result. HorseFlex gives the horses the support they need to be able to take over again themselves. HorseFlex also has a solution for many chronic conditions to at least make the condition more bearable.

We are also grateful for the many great results with the horses where only falling asleep was still an option or had to retire early. No, the horses feel great now. In fact… they can shine again, also in the ring! How Flex is that?!

We experience not only the products as very pleasant. The people behind HorseFlex also give us a sense of trust. Great service, fast delivery and good accessibility for all your questions.

“All horses deserve HorseFlex!!”


Alise Boevé-Roubos

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