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Valerian for horses
Valerian for horses


  • 100% pure and cut valerian roots
  • To support inner peace and relaxation.
  • Very suitable for sensitive or nervous horses
  • Free from added sugars, colour, and other additives

HorseFlex Valerian is a feed supplement for horses to support inner peace and relaxation.  Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is a plant from the honeysuckle family. The plant gets in spring cheerful white pink flowers, but the plant is mostly known for its roots. The roots of this herb-like plant have healing properties and are known for their soothing and relaxing effects and support by soothing the nervous system. This is why panic or jumpy reactions are less likely.

Valerian as a feed supplement for horses

HorseFlex valerian is very suitable for nervous, sensitive, and jumpy horses. This product supports the inner peace of your horse. It also helps nervous horses that suffer from fear or stress during certain situations. Think about moving, fireworks, transport, and thunderstorms. In these unavoidable situations it’s very suitable to get your horse more relaxed. Valerian for horses is suitable for long-term use. We do recommend to do a stop week every six to eight weeks. This way you prevent habituation.

Caution: competition horses and pregnant horses

Valerian root doesn’t only work relaxing, but also somniferous. This is why you can’t give HorseFlex Valerian to competition horses. But also not during pregnancy or lactation, but also not when having problems with the uterus, ovaries or thyroid gland.

Do you have a sensitive, nervous or tense horse and do you want to get your horse more relaxed and giving them more inner peace? Then we recommend HorseFlex Chamomile. This herb can be given to pregnant-, and competition horses and is also known for its relaxing effects. Another great alternative is HorseFlex Magnesium Relax combi.


  • For a relaxed and calm horse
  • Great for sensitive and sensitive horses
  • Support during exciting situations such as moving, fireworks and transportation
  • Not suitable for competition horses and during pregnancy


Composition: 100% Valerian root sliced

Analytical constituents: Crude fiber 6.3%

Feeding advice

The daily dosage is based on the weight of your horse or pony .<350 kg: 8 gram. / >350 kg: 16 gram. 1 spoon contains about 16 grams. Add this to the daily rations. (!) Don’t give it to pregnant horses or competition horses.

Storing information

Please make sure that you close this product well and don’t use this product after its expiration date

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