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Customers rate us with a 9.6

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HorseFlex sterke botten mix product
sterke botten sfeerfoto
HorseFlex Strong Bones for horses
HorseFlex sterke botten mix product
sterke botten sfeerfoto
HorseFlex Strong Bones for horses
HorseFlex sterke botten mix product
sterke botten sfeerfoto

Strong Bones

A natural blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals that contribute to healthy and strong bones in horses. Great for heavy bone strain, horses in growth or to support bone growth after injury.

  • With magnesium, calcium, natural silicon and vitamins C and D3
  • Optimal bone and bone tissue support
  • Great for sport horses and young horses in growth
  • Free of added sugars, colors, flavors and fragrances

HorseFlex Strong Bones is a supplementary feed for horses to support bones and bone tissue. It is a natural blend based on calcium, natural silicon, vitamins C and D3 and herbs such as broccoli and nettle leaf, among others.

HorseFlex Strong Bones for Horses

HorseFlex Strong Bones is an all-natural blend of nettle leaf, spinach, broccoli, magnesium, calcium, natural silicon and vitamins C and D3.

🌿 Combining these ingredients has created an effective blend that naturally contributes to a horse’s bone health.

For example, calcium is an important mineral that contributes to bone density and thus is essential for a strong skeleton. Vitamin C and D3 are vitamins important for maintaining healthy bones and are therefore also part of the mix.

In addition, the mix also contains a natural form of silicon, a mineral that occurs naturally in bone, tendons, cartilage, hair and nails. It keeps bone structure strong and healthy. Nettle leaf, spinach and broccoli are full of good nutrients that contribute to healthy bone tissue and naturally have a positive effect on bone quality.

Finally, this mix also contains magnesium citrate. In addition to being important for a horse’s muscles, magnesium also helps maintain strong and healthy bone structure.

When to support your horse’s bones?

HorseFlex Strong Bones is great for horses that need extra bone support. Thus, the mix is ideal for young horses in growth, where the skeleton is still developing. In addition, the mix is ideally suited for sport horses in which the bones are subjected to intensive stress, as is sometimes the case with jumping horses, for example. When bones are heavily loaded, a horse is still growing or when horses are prone to bone problems, HorseFlex Strong Bones can provide suitable support. The mix thus naturally contributes to a strong skeleton and healthy bone tissue.

Advice for strong bones for horses

Would you like more information about HorseFlex Strong Bones, or would you like additional advice on supplements? If so, please feel free to contact with us. We are happy to help you!


  • > Young horses in growth
  • > Extra support for bones and bone tissue
  • > Sport Horses
  • > Supports bone growth


Composition: Nettle leaf, Spinach, Broccoli, Magnesium citrate, Calcium carbonate, Natural Silicon, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3.

Nutritional additives: Silicon from bamboo (≥75%) 92.6 g/kg, Vitamin C 92.6 g/kg. Vitamin D3 185,000 IU/kg.

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein – 10.0%.
Crude fat – 0.9%
Crude fiber – 4.7%
Crude ash – 27.7%
Moisture – 5.2%
Sodium 1,280 mg/kg
Calcium 51,000 mg/kg
Phosphorus 2,000 mg/kg


HorseFlex Strong Bones can easily be given along with the feed. It may also be mixed in with the slop.

Pony up to 350kg: 18 grams per day.
Horse over 350kg: 27 grams per day.

1 measuring spoon contains approximately 15 grams.

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