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veggie treat mix for horses
Glucose Support voor paarden
huid en wondjes spray 100ml
weidepakket voor paarden
veggie treat mix for horses
Glucose Support voor paarden
huid en wondjes spray 100ml
weidepakket voor paarden
veggie treat mix for horses
Glucose Support voor paarden
huid en wondjes spray 100ml

Pasture package

  • HorseFlex’s favourite products for the grazing season
  • 3 products in 1 advantageous package
  • Glucose Support + Veggie Treat + Skin & Wound spray
  • Perfect support during the grazing season

A package which consists out of the three must haves that your horse needs before and during the grazing season! HorseFlex Glucose Support supports the sugar levels which are important to maintain a healthy weight. Treat your horse or pony with a delicious and healthy treat with the Veggie Treat Mix. Take care of the skin when they have (open) spots and it keeps all the nasty insects at a distance with the Skin & Wound spray! The pasture package is available in two different sizes: in the original package or as refill.

Sugar rich spring grass

When the sun shines during the day, the young grass produces a high amount of fructan (sugar) to be able to grow. when it is cold at night, the fructan hasn’t fully processed and is it stored in the grass. This is why young grass is rich in sugars. When your sensitive horse eats sugar rich grass, then it could increase the chance on colic and laminitis.

TIP: Avoid or limit grazing in the morning, when the sugar content in the grass is at its highest. You can also support your horse with HorseFlex Glucose Support during the grazing season. It helps to keep the sugar levels of your horse in balance and helps to maintain the function of the pancreas and intestines.

Jitters in the meadow

Every horse suffers sometimes from jitters, but when the jitters get the upper hand it can have unpleasant consequences. The main cause of jitters in spring and summer if caused by the bites of midges and by pollen produced by flowers, grass and trees. Some horses rub so violently, caused by jitters, that spots can arise. With HorseFlex Skin & Wound spray you protect, cleanse and supports the natural regenerative capacity of the skin. This spray, that smells like fresh eucalyptus, can also be used to keep insects, tics, lice and mites at a distance.

Varied diet

For horses is a varied diet very important. In the wild eat horses  much more different things than we can offer them. This is why you can vary with different herbs, vegetables and fruits. Herbs like nettles, thistles, dandelions and cleavers can be picked fresh. You can also give them dried. This applies of course, also for vegetables and fruits. You can give them fresh and dried such as in the Veggie Treat Mix!


Glucose Support

  • Helps to keep the glucose level in balance
  • Contributes to maintaining a healthy weight
  • Very suitable during the grazing season when the fructan content in the grass is high.

Skin & Wound Spray

  • Cares for and cleanses the skin in case of superficial wounds
  • Keeps insects away
  • Perfect first aid spray


Veggie Treat Mix

  • Healthy horse snack
  • Ideal as a reward after riding
  • Suitable as a snack for a horse puzzle or ball
  • Makes supplements or feed tastier


HorseFlex Glucose Support is a 100% natural powder mix.
Composition: Artichoke, Nettle, Broccoli, Ceylon cinnamon, Curcuma, Fenugreek, Ginger, Hibiscus, Milk Thistle, Monk’s pepper, Parsley leaf, Rosemary, Saccharomyces cerevisiae (brewer’s yeast), Sage, Spinach leaf, Pork grass, Fennel seed, Licorice root, Black pepper, Magnesium (as-chelate)

HorseFlex Veggie Treat Mix consists of 100% pure dried vegetables.
Composition: Green beans, Parsnip, Beetroot, Rosehip, Carrot.

HorseFlex Skin & Wound spray is made of 100% natural quality.
Composition per 100ml: Avocado oil (organic gic, unrefined, cold pressed) 50ml, Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil) 50ml

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