Only natural ingredients
Only natural ingredients
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vitamine e met selenium voor paarden
vitamine e met selenium voor paarden

Natural vitamin E + Selenium

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  • With natural Vitamin E
  • Contains Selenium
  • For a good muscle function and muscle building
  • With increased need for vitamin E
  • 2457 IU vitamin E per daily dose
  • No added sugars, artificial colours, fragrances and flavours

HorseFlex Natural Vitamin E + Selenium is a  complimentary feed for horses to support muscle function, muscle metabolism, and muscle building. It contains the highest quality natural vitamin E (RRR-alpha-tocopherol) + Selenium.

Vitamin E supports the natural elimination of muscle waste such as lactic acid and contributes to good muscle function and fertility. Sport horses, pregnant mares, and growing horses often have a greater need for Vitamin E. Besides, this product also contains selenium which contributes to the protection of cells and supports the functioning of the immune system. Very suitable for horses in areas with a low level of selenium in the soil and for horses that regularly perform intensive work. 

The natural form of Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol or RRR-alpha-tocopherol, is better absorbed than a synthetic form of vitamin E. please take a look at this chart on which it clearly shows the difference between the two variants. HorseFlex is one of the few suppliers of Vitamin E for horses in Europe.


– Horses in training.
– By an higher need of Vitamin E.
– For muscle building.
– To support the disposal of lactic acid in the muscles.
– To support fertility.
– Pregnant mares.


This product can easily be given over the food. You may moisten the powder so that it is not blown out of the tank.

Pony <350kg: 4.25 grams – 3/4 measuring spoon per day.

Horse <350kg: 8.5 grams – 1.5 measuring spoons per day.

This product can be given permanently.
Suitable for pregnant and lactating mares. 


Composition per kg:
Methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM) 715g, Natural Vitamin E 278g, Sodium Selenite 7000mg/kg (70mg/kg selenium)

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin E 3a700 (RRR-Alpha-Tocopherol) 336.380 IU/kg, Sodium Selenite 3b809 – 7000mg/kg (70mg/kg selenium)

Analytical constituents:
Sulfur 34,1%

Storing information

Make sure the product is kept tightly closed and dry.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use after the expiry date stated on the label.

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1 reviews for Natural vitamin E + Selenium

Tina 03/12/2023


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