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Herbal Package

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  • Put together your own herbal package
  • 3 different herbs, extra affordable!
  • Wide choice of different herbs
  • No added sugars, artificial colors, fragrances and flavors

Each horse is unique with its own nutritional needs. With the HorseFlex Herbal Package you can easily put together the desired package yourself for only € 49.95. The deal consists of 3 herbs of your choice and you can choose from no less than 19 different ones.

What does a horse eat in nature?

Horses that live in the wild have an extremely varied ration. Although a horse mainly eats grasses, it does not stop there and in nature a horse eats up to 80 different types of plants, flowers, herbs and branches. Through this varied diet, a horse in nature provides itself with all the necessary nutrients. A horse that is kept does not have the freedom to look for all kinds of different nutrients itself. As an owner, you are therefore responsible for ensuring that your horse receives all the nutrients it needs. With the herbal package, you can put together the desired package for your horse and choose from a whopping 19 different herbs.

Support your horse with herbs

Horses in the wild have a varied diet of dozens of different types of grasses, plants, flowers, herbs, branches and even tree bark. Domesticated horses depend on the pasture in which they stand and the food that is given. Many pastures are often very limited in diversity and therefore do not contain all the important nutrients that your horse needs. However, many grasses, plants and flowers are rich in beneficial nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. You can therefore add herbs to your horse’s ration to provide extra support. Want to know more about herbs in the pasture to support your horse? Then read our blog.

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1 reviews for Herbal Package

Neva Lukša 30/12/2022

Kvalitetna posamezna zelišča in cenovno izjemno ugodna ponudba treh zelišč po izbiri.

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