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Measuring= knowing, how healthy is your horse?

Posted in : on 23-11-2022

MEASURING = KNOWING with Jill Smit from Paard& Voeding

Have you ever heard about the Lecher-Antenna? Jill Smit from “Paard& Voeding worked for some time with the Lecher-Antenna and tells her more about it. Jill comes for years with her own horses to the Holistic clinic in Den Hoe, where Eric Laarakker treats her horses. He measures the overall health with the Lecher-Antenna. It inspired Jill so much that she follow the training at Eric Laarakker’s clinic and finished it with success. In the meantime she works with the Lecher-Antenna and tells your more about it in this blog, and also gives some advice!

About Jil: “My name is Jil Smit and I started four years ago with Paard& Voeding. In the beginning I gave mostly feeding advice. I did this by calculating the rations, to look at the horse and letting the horses owner filling out a question list. Last year I followed a training at the Holistic Clinic in Den Hoek from Eric Laarakker where I learned to use the Lecher-Antenna. The Lecher-Antenna gives answers about the overall health of the horse and measures out what rations fit your horse best. Measuring= knowing!

The Lecher-antenna

The Lecher-Antenna is a known instrument in the naturopathy. With the Lecher-Antenna you can measure out the frequencies that pertain to the tissues and organs in the body. Every cell, every virus, every bacteria, every mold, every group of cells, and every ‘body’ vibrate different and has a unique vibration frequency. When it’s about a human body, or an animal everything vibrates differently. With the Lecher-Antenna you can measure these vibrations in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Disease is a distortion of information. If this disturbance lasts long enough, then you will see visible and physical problems. These disturbances can be measure with a Lecher-Antenna.


Jill started to use the Lecher-Antenna on her own animals. Everytime the Lecher-Antenna gave much clarity about the health of her horses and gave advice what food and supplements where best at that moment. Jill finds it very important to keep her animals healthy and doesn’t want to wait until it is too late. She uses the antenna in a preventive way.


It is important to keep your animals healthy and not to wait until health problems start to form. For example it could be that your horse need other food, or another supplement, or even another quality of roughage. The antenna helps also to find problems that you couldn’t find otherwise. Think about mold in the intestines, mobility problems due to problems in the small intestine, disease of Lyme, Gluten intolerance and much more… If the organs are out of balance, then it doesn’t have to mean that the organ, or animal, is sick. But it could happen that your animal gets sick because of it.

TIP: intestinal herbs in collaboration with Paard & Voeding

The intestinal flora of your horse consists of billions of bacteria, yeasts, and fungi, and are very important for healthy digestion, and gastrointestinal mucosa. They make sure that harmful organisms such as viruses and worms do not gain the upper hand. Horses have very sensitive intestinal flora and could get out of balance because of a change of ration, colic, Worming, and after the use of medication.

To support the intestinal flora and digestion a little bit extra we have collaborated with Paard& Voeding to create a unique herb mix for the intestines. This mix consists out of ingredients such as fenugreek, oregano, cloves, wormwood, and rosemary to keep the bacteria, yeasts and fungi in the intestines balanced. In addition, it contains prebiotic fibers, which are a good breeding ground for beneficial intestinal bacteria. Minerals such as magnesium and sodium are also very important for the proper functioning of the intestines. They retain water in the intestines, which is important for normal manure and ensures proper bowel movement.

Are you curious how Jill uses the Lecher-Antenna and how she combines this with feeding advice? Please visit her website

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