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Only natural ingredients

Detoxing your horse

Posted in : on 15-11-2021

During spring and autumn horses experience changes and produce more waste, just like us. This ‘waste’ is stored in the body and could lead to ailments or lesser resistance. Detox for horses could help your horse to cleanse the liver and kidneys. It helps to dispose all the waste that the body of your horse has stored in itself. What is a detox and what does it do? And why should you even give your horse a detox and what is the best moment for a detox?

What is detoxing?

A detox supports and stimulates the disposal of stored waste in the body of your horse. During the winter is there less food for the horse and wild horses will do a natural ‘fasting period’. The energy of your horse that is normally used for digestion will now be used to cleanse the body. Symptoms of accumulated waste is fatigue, skin ailments, allergies, eczema, hoof problems, and/ or lower resistance.

Why detoxing your horse?

A detox is a natural cleansing of the body. During spring and autumn undergo horses changes and produce, just like us, waste (free radicals). This waste is stored in the body and leads to ailments or lesser body resistance. Vaccinations, medication, or worm cures can be causes of accumulated waste. To help your horse you can give your horse a detox.

In these situations is it also recommended to do a detox:

  • Horses with a dull coat
  • Horses that have difficulty shedding
  • To support digestive problems
  • For jitters and summer eczema

When should you do a detox?

It is recommended to do a detox twice a year. The best moment is during autumn and spring. These are the moments that horses undergo changes such as shedding, changing temperatures, less or more exercise and a change in the ration. The horse’s body then produces a lot of free radicals (waste), which have to be broken down by the liver and kidneys. These periods are thus very intensive periods for the kidneys and liver and therefore is this the best moment for a detox! After medication and deworming medication or disease it is also recommended to give your horse a detox.

What does a detox cure consist of?

A good detox cure is based on plants and herbs with a natural cleansing effect on the liver, kidneys and digestion. Well-known herbs are, for example, milk thistle, turmeric, liquorice, dandelions, nettles and cleavers. The HorseFlex Detox Package contains everything your horse needs for the perfect cleaning cure. The package consists of HorseFlex Liver Support Detox and HorseFlex Brewer’s Yeast + a FREE healthy treat! Do you still have questions or do you want more advice about detoxing your horse? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

Points of attention during detox cures

During a cleansing cure, the stored waste products are released in the horse’s body and are subsequently removed through the bloodstream. As a result, your horse may not feel very fit for the first few days and that symptoms may even arise that you wanted to prevent. This is completely normal and a sign that the body is draining the waste. Make sure you take this into account and take it easy with your horse so that he can recover well. For example, never start a cure just before a competition, surgery or when your horse is already ill and has a weakened immune system. A detox cure requires a lot of energy from your horse.

The information in this blog is for educational purposes only and is never a substitute for veterinary advice.


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