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7 tips for your horse against fireworks fear

Posted in : Uncategorized on 15-11-2021

Horses are flight animals and want to flee when they think they are in dager. Luckily most horses aren’t afraid of fireworks. We have some tips if your horse is afraid of fireworks!

Before NYE

1) Stay calm Try to stay as calm as possible and ignore the bangs. By pretending nothing is wrong, you convey a confident impression and peace of mind. The more relaxed the situation, the more soothing this is for your horse and you prevent fireworks fear in horses.

2) Safety. Make sure the stable is secure so that your horse cannot injure itself if it should panic. When your horse is in the pasture it is important that the fencing is safe and in order and there are no objects in the pasture that could hurt him.

3) No field trips. Avoid the confrontation with fireworks by not going outside for a while. Try to give your horse its normal movement by, for example, riding or lunging in the arena. Stabling your horse can also make it restless.

4) Extra support In addition to the tips mentioned above, you can also support your horse with a soothing supplement such as Chamomile, CBD oil or Magnesium Citrate. If your horse is very easily stimulated, nervous or sensitive, Magnesium Relax Combi can offer a solution. This mix of minerals and herbs has a calming effect on your horse and provides extra support in tense or stressful situations and has a long-lasting effect.

During NYE

1) Distraction. For example, leave the radio on at night so that the bangs of the fireworks don’t sound so loud anymore. If your horse is not used to music, let it get used to it in the weeks before New Year’s Eve. Giving extra hay can also cause more distraction.

2) Leave the light on. Leave the light on in the stable so that the flashes of the fireworks are less noticeable.

3) Check regularly. Check regularly whether your horse is calm and if you have several anxious horses, do not put them next to each other if this is possible.

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