Only natural ingredients

Only natural ingredients

3 feeding tips for giving your horse supplements

Posted in : on 15-11-2021


We often get asked if we give taste guarantee on our products and how you can give your horse the supplements the best way. HorseFlex supplements are 100% pure and are free of any additives. This is why we can’t give taste guarantee. All our products are eaten well, but can be different per horse. What one horse likes can be found disgusting by another horse.

In most cases horses don’t necessarily find it disgusting but have to get used to the new flavour or scent. Is your horse picky? Start with a lower dose of the supplement. Afterwards you can start to higher the dose. Mix the powder with oil through muesli or other food. Check this video for some tips.

Can’t you convince your horse. Please contact us for some extra tips. Afterwards you may return or exchange the product.

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