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Thanks to HorseFlex my horse is still alive!

Posted in : on 13-11-2019

Chantal Laboyrie (39) Is the proud owner of a beautiful Frisian mare named Sterre. She thinks it is a party to ride her and the most beautiful day was that they could start Z, what a milestone!


“Unfortunately it went wrong 3 years ago. I arrive at the stable and see Sterre walking crippled in the paddock. It didn’t look good. Her left knee was very swollen and thought of a blow from another horse. After all the examinations and photos, the conclusion was: a periosteum infection and pieces of bone splintering probably due to a full blow to her knee from a horse with irons. The bone and all tissue was badly damaged but fortunately nothing broken. She was given medication for the pain and had to keep absolute rest. After a long period of recovery, things were still not going well. She couldn’t bend her knee, and she was in a lot of pain. The vet told me that the bone was proliferating and the inflammation was still very active.


There you stand with tears in your eyes, what now .. A life without pain, (but without a guarantee for the future) or having you put to sleep…. The latter was certainly not an option unless you would be in too much pain.


Until my friend, who has been using HorseFlex for her horses for years, recommended Jointpower to me. I slowly went from heavy prednisone to this product, and I couldn’t believe my eyes! After a few weeks there was already an improvement. I noticed that the pain was better under control and Sterre’s eyes started to shine again and she was alive. It was a long road but thanks to Jointpower, peace and patience, this has largely turned out well. You can still see the scar and her knee has changed slightly, but she is pain free and is walking like nothing happened! Recently we started again in the ring where we stopped 3 years ago. So miracles really do exist!”


Unfortunately, Chantal had to say goodbye to her dear Sterre at the end of 2019, because she also became blind in her other eye.


HorseFlex Jointpower has been nominated for Horses product of the year 2107.

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